Data Synthesis

We reach unique sports content and data through comprehensive data synthesis, using next-gen statistical techniques to acquire outcomes through various studies and research. We always carry out a statistical method for pooling data to ensure the credibility and accuracy of our sports content.

Data Visualization

We are not only leaders in sports data and content, but we are also improving our expertise through data analytics and visual analytics. Using various data visualization tools, we aim to stand at the forefront of sports data and content platform.

Web and Mobile Products

We offer state-of-the-art sports data and content solutions for both, web as well as mobile platforms. Taking into consideration the increasing number of sports fans browsing data on their smartphone devices, we aim to offer engaging sports data and content-based apps for both web and mobiles.

Content Solutions

Today's sports fans are exhibiting exceptional behaviour towards sports content consumption, creating new transcending possibilities for featured sports content. We are committed to offering new, interesting, and AI-powered sports content and data that engages our audience, every single day.


Despite having over 30 million visitors every month on its digital platforms, a prominent media house in India was having a hard time attaining better user retention. The client was facing high attrition rates and was willing to adopt new strategies to drastically reduce the bounce rates. SWL came up with a unique quiz content widget to be put on the client's digital platforms to engage the existing users better with entertaining and engaging sports quizzes. Insightful sports information and bits on current affairs in sports displayed through the quiz widget caused a major drop in bounce rates and a dramatic change in users’ switching behaviour on the client's digital platforms, resulting in the client getting ahead on the weekly leaderboard.

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