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We are the biggest storehouse out there of unique, creative, and innovative quiz ideas for a wide range of topics and consumer domains. Take a look at our quiz gaming solutions, collect data about users' preferneces, and convert your audience into your actual customers.

Prediction & Fantasy Solutions

Prediction and fantasy solutions are gaining immense popularity in consumer gamification space, as it can boost consumer engagement to a significant level. Leverage our prediction and fantasy solutions to get superior engagement experience and boost your sales.

AR Solutions

Augmented Reality (AR) has the biggest impact on gaming today, and it has been observed that AR gaming solutions can only bolster consumer engagement and ultimately, the sales. Have a look at our AR solutions, and let us contribute to ramp up your marketing campaigns through AR gamification.

Trivia Gaming Solutions

Trivia gaming solutions are becoming a marketing magnet of the digital age. Come join us and attract more potential customers from across the world. We offer thousands of trivia games on innumerable topics that you may have expertise in.

Bespoke Solutions

Irrespective of the domain or industry you are in, you can benefit from our bespoke solutions to meet the digital needs of your current or upcoming products. We offer best-in-industry, customized bespoke solutions to cater to your needs and make you ready for the digital future.

Product Crowdsourcing Solutions

It no longer matters what your domain is! With our state-of-the-art crowdsourcing solutions, you can now reach absolutely creative and innovative ideas about new products. Let's work together on innovative solutions for your existing products with our strong, product crowdsourcing solutions.


We recently engaged with an influential name in the NBA franchise community, not only for developing an attractive platform to better engage with its fans and followers but also to create opportunities for monetisation through this platform. We developed a new strategy to leverage the power of sports gamification. We integrated a wide range of content-based games, which included interesting trivia, challenging quizzes, engaging AR, and highly intuitive prediction games, into the client's mobile app. By using this sports gamification platform, the client began to monetise well, as we integrated fan tokens in these games through cryptocurrency and this encouraged fans to purchase merchandise, F&B, and more match tickets. With our strategy of sports gamification, our client could win on the user engagement front while it achieved its goal of monetising through this platform.

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